PNW Locations for your Engagement Session


Here in the Pacific North West, we’re infinitely blessed with tons and tons of amazing locations that make a perfect backdrop for an engagement session. We’ve got mountains, beaches, lakes, deserts, you name it. This list is just a few of my favorites in Oregon and Washington.

Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge is an INSANE location for an engagement session. You’ve got mountains, pine trees, and miles of gorgeous scenery. It’s located in Olympic National Park on the northwestern coast of Washington.


Check out this couple’s session or even this elopement at Hurricane Ridge.

Latourell Falls

Located less than an hour outside of Portland, Latourell Falls is an amazing spot for engagement photos. This one gets very crowded, so you’ll definitely need to plan for either sunrise or sunset. To get to the falls, it’s just a quick walk (I’m talkin’ less than 5 minutes), but there is also a hike if you want a little bit of a challenge :)


Cape Kiwanda

Another Oregon favorite, Cape Kiwanda. With cliffs and sandy beaches, what more could you want? The sunsets at Cape Kiwanda are unreal.


This couple had engagement photos taken at Cape Kiwanda, and then eloped there!


Hug Point

The Oregon coast makes a few appearances on this list, and for good reason. The rugged scenery at Hug Point makes a gorgeous backdrop. AND all of the beaches on the Oregon Coast are dog friendly!


Look through this cute set of engagement photos at Hug Point

Gold Creek Pond

Gold Creek Pond is one of the most popular PNW spots. For good reason, though. It’s absolutely stunning, with mountains, a gorgeous lake, and amazing earthy colors. This one’s my favorite :).

This couple woke up for the sunrise to make some magic. I LOVE the look of a long flowy dress, especially in gorgeous settings like this.


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