First Look or Nah?


Weddings are chock full of long-established little traditions - the white dress, the rings, the bouquet toss. And the not seeing each other before you’re at the altar. That last one is a tradition that a lot of people have chosen to break, with a first look.

What is a first look?

A first look is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day. It’s pre-arranged with the photographer, and usually done in private, though some people like having their bridal party or their personal hype people nearby.

Even the first look has some traditions within itself. Usually, the photographer will position the groom so that his back is towards wherever the bride is walking from. Then she’ll walk up, tap him on the shoulder, and he’ll turn around to see his bride. But, I’ve had people choose to do it a little differently - Gina and Layton decided to have Gina walk up and stand next to Layton - that way, both of their faces are in the photo, and they get a good look at each other :).

Why do a first look?

Here's why I'm all for it: I think most brides will agree that what they want is a reaction from their partner. Happy tears when they see you - that's the dream right? But imagine having a whole bunch of well dressed people looking at you - it's hard to act natural, and the emotions can get a little stifled if there's an audience. But with the first look, it's just the two of you (and me, your fave third wheel), so it's a lot less stress. No ones watching, and you don't feel pressured to move things along to keep the ceremony running on time. Most people would find it a lot easier to feel/express their feelings. Plus you get to smooch right after you see each other, without waiting for the "I do."


Here’s a common question: we’re getting ready together - can we still do a first look?

Yes! Whether you’re eloping or just spending the morning of your wedding day together, a first look is still a good idea in my book! (Haha). I love when couples get ready together - it’s so sweet so spend those quiet moments together. But, if you separate when it’s time to put the dress on, you still get to do a first look - best of both worlds!

Want to keep things traditional?

No shame in that! There are still some fun things that couples have done without seeing each other. Marion and Cassey held hands and said a prayer before their ceremony - without seeing each other. Some couples write letters, some just talk to one another with a door between them - the options are limitless!


What do you think - will you do a first look?

Anna Ter-SaakovComment