My Photography & Business Faves

I’ve spent years trying out different websites, tools, and subscriptions to make my business and my life easier. After some (or like… so much) trial and error, I can tell you that these are the things I swear by and use today. 

Heads up… I get a commission from a few of these, at no extra cost to you, but that’s great, because I was going to share anyway!

Tools for Business Owners


20% off your first year

Send contracts, emails, invoices, and more from your phone or computer. Honeybook lets you automate your workflow with templates and email scheduling, and makes getting paid easy!


50% off… forever!

Build your mailing list, automate your sales funnel, and design emails people will want to read! Start from scratch or use a template to create emails and workflows that convert.


A drag and drop website builder for WordPress that will allow you to create a website. I use this for my website and for any of my WordPress web design clients – we all know how hard WordPress is to use, and this makes it doable!

Photography Gear


for photographers

website design

A good website is one of the best things you can do for you business. But having a pretty site isn’t enough – it should be personal, strategic, and inviting.

blog writing

Ah, blogging. Photographers shudder when they hear the word. Your time is valuable – and you already have too much on your to do list.

Templates and Tools

the wedding guide

An easily customizable, 32 page wedding guide template that works great in print, or as a PDF. Professionally written copy included on every page, so you can answer your clients’ questions before they even know they have them!

price guides

Easily customizable photography pricing templates designed for wedding photographers! Don’t get ghosted – send inquiring couples a guide jam packed with useful info, not just a page of dollar signs.


Cut your editing time in half and give your photos a cohesive look with these warm, moody presets, perfect for photographers and adventurers! Designed for Lightroom on desktop and mobile.