The Wedding Guide Template for Photographers

For Canva & Photoshop

An easily customizable, 32 page wedding guide template that works great in print, or as a PDF.

Professionally written copy included on every page, so you can answer your clients’ questions before they even know they have them!


A mockup cover of the wedding guide is next to a mockup of an open magazine.

What is a Wedding Guide?

 I recently shared a post about how I do client gifts, and one of the items I always include is my photography wedding guide. It’s truly one of the most helpful things I’ve incorporated into my business – both for me, and for my clients!

The wedding guide is a way to help my clients plan their wedding, and to prepare for the photography portion of the day.

I think a wedding guide adds SO much to the client experience – as soon as they book me for their wedding, my couples not only get a gift in the mail, they get this guide jam packed with useful info, that answers all their questions before they’ve even realized they had them!

the wedding guide is 32 pages of tips, advice, and helpful info

Engagement session advice, tips about lighting, how much time to schedule for photos, and so much more – my goal with the wedding guide is to make sure my clients don’t have to stress about anything. They’ll know you’ve got their back and that you know what you’re doing.

What's in the Wedding Guide Template?

see what's inside

This is exactly what you’ll see when you download your wedding guide template. Flip through and check it out!

Included in your purchase

When you purchase the wedding guide template, you’ll get an instant download of all the digital files. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Customizable Canva and Photoshop files, so you can choose which one you want to use
  • Video tutorials for both Canva and Photoshop
  • Video tutorial for how I print the wedding guide
  • Professionally written copy that’s gender inclusive (written by a queer woman, also known as me) – customize as much or as little as you want!

The Wedding Guide Template

easy to use

You can use the wedding guide template with Photoshop, or with a FREE Canva account. Adobe programs can get overwhelming – and Canva is an amazing alternative. 

saves you time

With the design and copy all done for you, the wedding guide template will save you countless hours of time. Plus, video tutorials ensure that editing your template is a breeze! 

fully customizable

You can easily change the fonts and colors to match your brand, and upload your own photos to make the wedding guide template your own. Make as many or as few tweaks to the layout and copy you want!

what Photographers are saying

Frequently Asked Questions

I use Magcloud! When you purchase the wedding guide template, there is also a tutorial video with more details.

Heck yeah! Everything in the wedding guide is customizable – you can change fonts, change colors, edit copy, add pages, literally whatever you want. 

Yep! As a queer (ex) wedding photographer I definitely value inclusivity in marketing, so you’ll see gender neutral copy throughout the wedding guide template. Take a peek at the flip through preview above, and you can see for yourself!

Definitely! Canva is much easier to use, and I included files for both so that you can choose. There are also video tutorials for both programs!

Nope! Canva has a pro option, but to use the wedding guide template, all you need is a free account!

The wedding guide is designed to be sent to clients after you’ve already been booked. It’s much more in depth, and has more info about the actual wedding day

Price guides are designed to present your pricing to couples who inquire with you – so they’re more of an introduction to you, your brand, and what you offer. You can check out price guides here!

A mockup of the wedding guide is lying on a white background. On the cover is a photo of a couple after their wedding ceremony, and the caption reads "the wedding experience."

Purchase the Wedding Guide Template for Photographers

a 32 page template – with copy included!

available for canva and photoshop

Save yourself countless hours with this ready-to-go wedding guide design, and take your client experience up a notch… or several.


PRice guides

The photography wedding guide is designed to be sent to clients after you’ve already been booked – but what about before? How you present your pricing is incredibly important, and can be the difference between getting that booking, and getting ghosted.

Pricing templates for weddings, and for couples sessions, designed to match the wedding guide.