Gold Creek Pond Couple's Session


One of my favorite parts of this job is the fact that I get to meet cool people from all over - Madison and Joel are from New Orleans, and Joel’s job sends them all over the country. They’re always exploring somewhere new, and they wanted some photos to remember their adventures in Washington.

My other favorite part of this job is showing off all the cool spots that Washington has to offer! These two hadn’t been to Gold Creek Pond, and Madison told me that she saw the other photos I had done there and loved it. You can see for yourself with this sunrise engagement session at Gold Creek Pond or this cute engagement session featuring a corgidor (part corgi, part lab, fully adorable).

I, and many others, love Gold Creek Pond because the walk from the parking lot to the pond is easy breezy, and the views are incredible. It’s what I like to call a low effort, high reward situation. This trail is also ADA and stroller accessible! I believe that the outdoors is for everybody, and the more people get to enjoy it the happier we’ll all be, so it’s incredibly important to have spots like this.

These two were off to Louisiana the morning after this shoot - they mentioned that they would be sad to leave the clear, clean, lakes found all over Washington. I can relate, because I grew up in New Jersey, so I can testify that most lakes outside of the west side of the country are brown and mucky. I had lots of fun swimming in them as a kid, but nothing compares to the lakes we have here :)

Speaking of lakes - did you know that on the Washington Trails Association website you can search for hikes based on mileage, elevation gain, and even views? So you can filter hikes and only see ones that feature lakes. Or wildflowers, or mountain views, or… you name it! Such a handy tool that I didn’t know about for way too long - and if you didn’t either, now you do!