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hi, i’m anna.

In September of 2018 I bought a big orange camper van and built it into my dream home on wheels so that I could live on the road full time. I love anything that makes life unpredictable, exciting, and inspiring, and I’ll go wherever the road (or the wedding) takes me.

My job is to put your story into visual form, and posing you like a doll and forcing you to smile isn’t how that happens. Beautiful photos are cool, but most of my job is to make sure you feel comfortable and that you have a great time. Whatever that means to you - its not about all the traditions, it’s about celebrating you and the love of your life. I’m a girl who lives in a camper van because I like waking up every day knowing that I can go wherever I want. Outside of the box is kinda my thing.

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I’ll get back to you ASAP, but feel free to reach out directly! Just in case technology lets us down, or if I’ve decided to spend a few days in the mountains. / 856.857.4524


Frequently Asked

How long will it take to get my photos?

For weddings, a maximum of 4 weeks! For couples and engagement shoots, one week!

How do I book you?

One 50% deposit, one contract signed, and you're golden! The other 50% of your total cost is due one week before the wedding. I do also offer payment plans, so don't hesitate to ask if you want to split up the costs!

Do you photograph same sex couples?

Heck yeah! I'm sorry that people feel they have to ask this. I've gone through (and still go through) the fear of worrying if someone is "gay friendly," and it's kind of awful. I don't give a hoot who you love, you deserve to flaunt it.

Can I print my photos?

Absolutely! I don't really believe in restricting what you can do with your photos. I recommend getting prints or albums through me to guarantee good quality, but you do have full printing rights! You can also share them as you please.

How many photos will I get?

Each package has a minimum number of photos delivered, but I don't ever have a cutoff. I don't withhold anything - if the photo looks good, you're getting it, because your memories should be captured fully.

Do you travel?

Um, YEAH! I love traveling almost as much as I love photography. I include travel costs in my pricing - so what you see is always what you get.