Blogging Services for Wedding & Elopement Photographers

Ah, blogging. I know you wedding and elopement photographers shudder when you hear the word. Your time is valuable, and you already have too much on your to-do list. 

You know that blogging brings in the clients – so what if you could sit back, do what you love (photography, location scouting, all the fun stuff) and watch them roll in?

Who is this chick and why should she write my blog posts for me?

My blogging services for wedding & elopement photographers are all about delivering quality, useful information to your clients. So it’s important that when I write your blog posts, I know what I’m talking about!

I started as a wedding photographer, then transitioned to adventure elopements. I hung up my camera in favor of remote work that allows me to live on the road full time, but I want to put all those years of photo knowledge to use! I love SEO because I’m a nerd. But more importantly, I love it because as a photographer, it allowed me to spend less time marketing on social media (which is what we all want, right?), because most of my inquiries came from Google.

SEO is definitely a priority, but I think that it’s just as important that your posts are well written – because you want people to actually read them! I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember (I would write short stories at recess in kindergarten, angsty poems in high school, and was an English major in college), and I believe in the importance of telling a good story, so while I absolutely focus on SEO, I also make sure to write for people, not for computers

and if you decide to diy your blogging, i’ve got something for you too.

why blogging matters for wedding & elopement photographers

Your blog posts should show your clients that you know what the heck you’re talking about. They should also be optimized for 
Google – so that when potential clients are looking up things that help them, they see you.

Imagine a couple wants to elope, but they’re not sure where to start. They Google their burning questions, and your website shows up, with relevant posts. When your ideal clients read your posts, they should realize that you’re the expert in what you’re talking about – whether it be elopements, weddings, or engagement sessions. Blogging builds trust, and leads to inquiries!

Whether you’re not super confident in your writing abilities, you don’t have the time to be cranking out content, or you just don’t wanna do it, I got you.

How Blogging Services Work


We talk

You send me an inquiry, I respond, we decide if it’s a good fit and if I should write your blog post(s) for you.


We brainstorm

Do you already have a topic in mind? Awesome. Let me know and I’ll find the perfect keywords for your blog post. Not sure what you want to write about? No biggie – I’ll come up with a list of potential topics personalized to your brand, and what your ideal clients are looking for.


i write

I write a draft of your blog post – full of information relevant to your ideal client, and optimized for Google. After the post is written, I’ll send it to you for approval. You’ll have 14 days to request any edits or changes. Then, you just kick your feet up and reap the benefits.

Just this once


starting at $300

monthly blog posts


starting at $250

What Photographers are Saying​

Some Recent Work

Click a screen to read sample blog posts, written by me for wedding & elopement photographers like you!

SEO wins

Blog posts that made it to the first page

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#1 when you Google “elope in Iceland”

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#1 when you Google “wedding tips for introverts”

Wrangell St. Ellias Elopement Guide

#1 “Wrangell St. Elias Elopement”

10 Best Countries to Elope in

#1 for “best countries to elope in”

Ready to get started with blogging services for your wedding or elopement photography business?

I know outsourcing is scary, but I’m so proud of you for taking the leap, and getting that work/life balance back! We’ll make sure it’s a great fit, and you’ll be in good hands.